Tantric Expansion: winter retreat at the Vlierhof

Datum/Tijd: 27/12/2018 - 30/12/2018 13.00 - 15.00 uur

Locatie: De Vlierhof Seminar House


TANTRIC EXPANSION   Expanding from within

A heart warming winter retreat where we will come together and experience an expansion from deep within our selves. With a wonderful variety of workshops and activities where we will connect within ourselves, with each other and the beautiful surrounding natural environment of the Vlierhof. Dance, Biodynamic Breathwork, OSHO active meditations, tantric massage, live dreamtime concert, sauna and a lot more…

Reflection and personal development are included in the program in a playful way. With room for relaxation we flow into the new year and reflect on the events which this year has brought us. During these days we offer a safe atmosphere, in which you can be yourself and from which you can connect with others and discover new experiences. Central to this is always your own body. That is the home of your soul, where emotions are felt, where tension is discharged. The place where the party of life can start!

Our cosy and warm seminarhouse is located in the 3 hectare park of the Vlierhof. A magical place with sauna, natural swimming pool, art installations, meditation tempels, a labyrinth and a Demeter certified vegetable garden, the source for our lovely and delicious meals. A place for expanding together!

Both for singles and couples. We aim at a group of 16 participants, 6 co-creators and an equal number of women/men. To participate in this workshop you should have at least some tantric experience, in participating tantric massage workshops or private sessions.


From thursday 27th december at 13.00 untill 30th december at 15.00
The price is 335 euro excluding room prices. Including all workshops, food and general spaces.

Marjorie Slooff (www.marjorieslooff.nl), Sebastiaan Haemers, Thomas Heinle, Anina Storteboom (www.inana.nu), Steven Ansems (www.2bu.nu), Arie Schockaert (www.arieschockaert.com)


Biodynamic Breathwork uses circular breathing as a main tool with the help of movement, conscious emotional expression, meditation and evocative music with live instruments. BBTRS heals the body by releasing chronic tension and supports people to complete arrested and unresolved emotional responses. This can bring an increased sense of aliveness, expansion and a deep sense of inner peace. The facilitators will offer you a safe space and support you in the free expression of yourself!

More info about Arie and breathwork

OSHO Active Meditations are designed for the societies of the 21st century to help us create silence in a joyful and fun way. Each meditation begins with activity and physical movements such as shaking, dancing, sound, breathing, etc. Then you move into relaxation and stillness. Facilitator: Sebastiaan Haemers.

More info about Osho Meditations


Tantra massage is a way to be touched totally, in a connecting way without any purpose. Besides relaxation, it can give more presence in the body, more selfacceptance and the release of old pains, captured in the body.

In our massage workshops we teach and show you how to touch, with presence and attention and respect. We will use The Wheel of Consent as a means to work with and to be aware of during the massages and the whole weekend. With this model we make sure there is clarity about the different roles and positions you have and it also provides in setting healthy borders. With focussed touch, your presence, loving attention and if possible an intention from the receiver, which you work with, you will be able to give and receive a beautiful connected tantric massage.

The tantric workshops will be given by Steven Ansems (Tibetan tantra massage) and Anina Storteboom (facilitator tantric workshops, Kashmere and Tibetan tantra massage and intimacycoach).

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Reconnective Dance is an active dance meditation which combines movement, breathing and body awareness techniques with self expressive dance and music. The self development techniques which Reconnective Dance integrates come from both ancient traditions such as taoism, yoga and tantra and new modalities such as bioenergetics and biodynamic breathwork.

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A magical improvised performance with an ecclectic mix of live melodic and percussive instruments and vocals with special looping effects. You are taken on a journey expanding into the different realms of the imagination!

We heat up in our wood heated Sauna, we meet through our Labyrinth of plants, heat up again, take a bath in our natural pool to make us free for the winter elements and sensitize our skin for tantric connections.
We go down to our deepest source and get a guided Relaxation to our Vision and to integrate the Experiences we had in the retreat.
Facilitator: Thomas Heinle
Master of Social Pädagogics, developer of Visioncoaching, working with groups since 1985, education in Suggestopädie and Tantra. From living for the last 8 years in Indonesia, he learned also traditional Batak massage. Lives in the Community of Vlierhof and cooks wonderful meals.
Organiser and initiator of this event is:
Marjorie Slooff; works and lives at Vlierhof, is an entrepreneur on two regions; massage and art.
Both are connected of course, as touch is sculpture , and to make people experience  touch is a very beautyful task she feels called to. Marjorie will lead the sharings and facilitates all practical things.
Due to circumstances this event will be postponed to summer 2019. Please let u know if you are interested, in order to make a reservation. 
Please fill in the form below. We will send a questionnaire after that, so we get to know you a litte. If we feel that following the retreat is the right thing for you, we will send you a link to our payment system. If you have any questions about the program, please contact the facilitator of that specific event.
Price: 355 euro including all workshops, food and use of general spaces, excluding the room. To make a reservation for this you can contact the Vlierhof at: info@vlierhof.org or make a phonecall.
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